Festival of Mediterranean Short Film of Tangier
    Awards 2011

Great Price The Festival
Film Bicycle I Serhat Karaaslan "Turkey"

Special Jury Prize
Film on the road to paradise Uda Benyamina "Morocco"

Best Screenplay
Film By Irene Zoe Alameda Uinforme of "Spain"

Price the Best Directo'r
Film Reverse George Grigorakis "Bosnia and Herzegovina"

Price of Youth
Film Invisible Trajectories Luc Walpoth "Italy"

Special Mentions

Film Te Vas Cristina Molino Spain
Film Farewell kanelloupoulous Dimitris Anestis Greece
Mohamed El actor for his role in Khalfi: the waves of time Morocco
Mouna Noureddine the actress for her role in Mouja Tunisia
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