Morocco’s film library  
    The film-library has for main purpose the preservation of national and international film heritage and the dissemination of culture through films hence its task is :

  • To acquire, freely or through payment, films and to restore and process, when possible, film copies available in the library ;

  • To provide the public with film projections in its own movie-theatres ;

  • To collect any written, visual or audio document, piece of work, posters or anything related to the cinema, with the view to setting a library, a sound library and a film museum,etc...
  • ;
  • To organise exhibitions, conferences and other events related to cinema history, art and techniques ;

  • To facilitate the documentary references (visual and other) to researchers, students and academics concerned by the cinema ;

  • To promote cooperation and partnership relations with national bodies and associations as well as with film-libraries abroad and similar bodies.

  • The film-library provides a museum for exhibition of film making equipment ( camera, projector, magic lantern, editing board, special effects material, zootrope, proxinotoscope...) Such equipment has been granted by various doners. There is a movie-theatre and a library within the film library ; and about 1000 books on the cinema are listed meeting the needs primarily of the film-library as far as data are concerned for the selection, purchase, catalogue setting and programmingn. The film-library also allows researchers and university students to have document references for achieving work within their research.

    A resolution unanimously adopted in January 1975 by the general assembly of UNESCO, recommended to member countries to undertake immediate legal and technical steps, and if this has already been effected, to make more effort for preserving film features.

    The members of the general assembly of UNESCO underlined that the film feature will serve more and more as a major vehicle for the dissemination of cultural, aesthetic, scientific, social and historical knowledge.

    The International Federation for Film Archives (IFFA) is an international body set up in 1938 and has at present some 160 members and associates representing 66 countries coming from all continents and uniting their efforts in orde :

  • To facilitate international exchange of films and documents related to cinema art and history ;

  • To promote cooperation between members ;

  • To encourage cinema art and culture.