• Circulaire du 25/12/2012 : Circular note on identity cards for professional.
  • Circulaire du 24/08/2010 : Note of transitions film material.
  • Circulaire du 07/09/2009 : Provisions of the new advances on receipts.
  • Circulaire du 09/01/2006 : Note a circular of the use of an advance on earnings.
  • Circulaire du 30/01/2004 : The moral support MCC.
  • Circulaire du 28/12/2004 : The import of various types of film.
  • Circulaire du 28/12/2004 : Shipment of films (Features).
  • Circulaire du 20/12/2004 : Quota of Moroccan technicians on set in Morocco.
  • Circulaire du 19/07/2004 : Planning shootings.
  • Circulaire du 10/05/2004 : The import and export of material shooting.
  • Circulaire du 18/03/2004 : Contracts with employees to create.
  • Circulaire du 11/03/2004 : Provisions specific to the attention of production companies                                        and service delivery.
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