The kinescoping circuit comprises three main operations, each being on its own a separate and a complementary stage.
Kinescoping equipment connection is insured through the setting of a network controlled by a switch. By order of the circuit works, we could quote:

  • Negative wacher (35 mm - 16 mm) ;
  • Scanner Oxberry Cinescan 6400 ;
  • Workstation Avid DS Nitris Version 7.5 ;
  • Imager Celco.

    - Scanner : consists in capturing and transferring images in 35 mm (Negative, Positive, Intermediate) in two tapes (Resolution film) to the workstation.
    - Workstation : insures image collecting (35 mm) coming from the scanner or video images (Beta digital, SP...) and digital processing : calibration, compositing, titling, graphism...).
    - Imageur : it consists in picking up digital files of the station and in transferring them to virgin negative(shooting) which will follow the regular circuit of the chemical lab (processing, printing, calibration ...).