The Moroccan Cinema Centre (MCC), which was set up in 1944 and granted a new structure in 1977, is mainly entrusted with the organization and promotion of the film-making industry in Morocco. The Centre is also in charge of implementing rules and regulations in force in all the professions of the sector.

The MCC grants :
  • Authorizations to shoot films.
  • Professionnal cards for membership.
  • Visas to market films.
  • Professional authorizations to producers and distributors (CINEMA, VIDEO, DVD, VCD), to movie-theatre managers and to video clubs.

  • The MCC runs also a film-making works compound comprising a laboratory for processing and an auditorium and movie sound work and a set of shooting equipment and others...(for more information on the compound, click on the related link). A film library is available in the Centre as conservatory of national and international film heritage.

    Main Rules and Regulations governing film-making in Morocco (pdf file)