Reporting & Televised programmes  
For shooting reporting and televised programmes, the following documents should be submitted :

  • An application ;

  • An shooting authorization form (pdf file) duly filled in which is available on the MCC web site and on the Production Controlling Service ;
  • A summary of the topic.

    Shooting authorizations are stated in the name of Moroccan or foreign television broadcasting corporations or in the name of Moroccan or foreign production companies. Moroccan production companies shall be holders of production activity authorization granted by the MCC pursuant to provisions stipulated in law n 20/99 of 15 February, 2001 relating to the re-structuring of the film-making industry, in particular its articles 1,2 and 3.

    Moroccan production companies insuring executive production of televised programmes shall be agreed by the MCC Director, in addition to the above-mentioned production activity authorization.

    "Executive Production" is understood as being responsible for making ordered films and for executing for the account of companies not subjected to the Moroccan law, work services relating to the setting-up of technical-artistic teams and to arranging film shooting by virtue of a contract concluded to this effect.

    Application files for shooting authorization should reach the MCC 5 days at the latest before the date of shooting