For the shooting of a sit-com, the following documents should be submitted :

  • An application ;
  • An shooting authorization form (pdf file) duly filled in which is available on the MCC web site and on the Production Controlling Service ;
  • A scenario copy ;
  • The list of Moroccan technicians with the number of their professional cards while observing the quota of five technicians holding the ID cards, of whom two heads of post.

  • It is understood that assistants holding a professional ID card shall be selected amongst the following skills :

  • Director or first assistant director
  • Producer
  • Location Manager
  • Sound engineer or sound operator
  • Head operator for sight taking or cameraman
  • Head editor or editor
  • Art director in chief
  • Head make up
  • Head gaffer / Electrician
  • Head machinist
  • Head wardrobe

    In all events, any assistant who is a foreign executive recruited for a Moroccan film, shall show his/her professional ID or any justifying skill document like Moroccan technicians.

    Moroccan Film production companies shall recruit trainees, one trainee for eight assistants holding the professional ID, all types of qualifications.

    Trainees shall be recruited amongst candidates having submitted a prior application to the MCC.

    The executive production of any sit-com shall be entrusted to a Moroccan Production Company agreed by the CCM.

    "Executive production" is understood as being responsible for making ordered film and for executing for the account of companies not subjected to Moroccan law, work services relating to the setting up of technical-artistic teams and to arranging film shooting by virtue of a contract concluded to this effect.

    Application files for shooting authorization shall reach the MCC at the latest (7) days before the shooting date.