Festival of Mediterranean Short Film of Tangier
    Edito 2013
In these times of repeated crises, economic, social, political, identity, cultural or psychological,
it is helping to remind the fundamentals:
regarding Mediterranean images and sounds
push up the historical depth:
not only Greco-Roman, traditionally automatically indicated
but also pharaonic,
and Arabic antiquity.
If the north bank of the Mediterranean basin, described as being the cradle of the Greek miracle, the birthplace of the renaissance, the enlightenment and the industrial and technological revolutions,
the south bank is the commencement of civilization, which is Pharaonic,
and the arabic antiquity is the First Renaissance,
the Dionysus thought in addition to the enlightenment,
The tragic modernity of Taha Hussein, Naguib Mahfouz, Chadi Abdessalam
and the desired rebuilding today.
A cultural event such as the Mediterranean Short Film Festival in Tangier,
expect the resurrection of this story, this culture and its ideals, through freedom, science, literature and fine arts.
Moumen Smihi
Moroccan filmmaker