Festival of Mediterranean Short Film of Tangier
    Edito 2015

From October 5 – 10, 2015, Tangier will host the 13th edition of the Mediterranean Short Film Festival, held under the Honorary Sponsorship of His Majesty, King Mohammed VI.
With each passing year, the Festival gets better and better, and 2015 promises to be its richest and most successful to date.
It’s well known that filmmakers find the format of the short film particularly stimulating for creativity and artistry.
This year, 51 short films coming from 19 Mediterranean countries have been selected out of 600 entries. (And nearly 100 additional films were received past the registration deadline, which unfortunately could not compete for inclusion.)
The Mediterranean Short Film Festival’s ever-increasing popularity is completely understandable. First, because it is held in the legendary city of Tangier. With its 1,000 faces and multiple attractions, Tangier has long inspired directors from the around-the-world and continues to do so. In addition, the Festival serves as an important showcase for diverse young talents from all over the Mediterranean basin, where their works are appreciated by an enthusiastic audience and the best of them are recompensed by an esteemed jury.
We anticipate during this 15th edition experiencing great moments of cinema and emotion.
May this international artistic event reveal, once again, new talents and powerful short films, and may it also contribute to the ongoing development of the Mediterranean region as a fecund space for creativity, sharing, conviviality and peace.
I wish you all a great festival and an excellent stay in Tangier.

Sarim Fassi Fihri - Director of CCM