Authorisations to operate, and production authorisation

  • Authorisation to carry out production activity

    Production companies must be constituted in the form of a public limited company or a limited-liability company with fully paid-up capital.

    Documents to be provided:

    • A request to the Director General of the Moroccan Film Centre
    • Copies of the company’s articles of association (certified copy of the original)
      (purpose: film production)
    • Minutes of the General Assembly (certified copy of the original)
    • Copy of the License Tax (certified certified copy of the original)
    • Attestation proving that the equity capital has been fully paid up
    • Photocopy of the national card of the company’s manager(s) (certified copy of the original)
    • 2 identity photos of the company’s manager(s)
    • A copy of the entry in the Business Register (certified copy of the original)
    • Criminal Record Certificate

  • Production authorisation

    The term “Executive Production” shall cover the production of commissioned films, and working on behalf of companies that are not constituted under Moroccan law to provide services relating to setting up technical-artistic teams and organising film shoots, by virtue of a contract signed for that purpose.

    Conditions for granting authorisation:

    A / the authorisation application must include the following items:

    • An authorisation request
    • A copy of the minutes of the company’s general assembly as evidence of the amount of equity capital, which should be MAD 300 000.00 for a limited-liability company and MAD 500 000.00 for a public limited company
    • The list of members of the technical-artistic team
    • Copies of the contracts entered into with the artists and technicians
    • The actual, detailed, and justified production budget of each film
    • Evidence of payment for post-production work, when that work is done by the MFC’s laboratory

    B/ the films presented as part of obtaining this authorisation must meet the following conditions:

    • A feature film a fiction film, or 3 short films, of which at least one must be shot
    • Each short film must not be less than 15 minutes long
    • The 3 short films must not have been made by the same director
    • The feature film and the short films must be directed by:
      • a director who holds a Professional Identity Card, or
      • a first assistant director who holds a Professional Identity Card, or
      • a person who holds a qualification granted by a film school or an audiovisual-training school
    • The films must be presented as copies, and they must be viewed by the committee for granting professional identity cards for the latter to express its opinion

    The films must be deemed acceptable artistically and technically

  • Authorisation to carry out distribution activity

    Documents to be provided:

    • An extract of the entry in the business register
    • The articles of association, mentioning as the business purpose the importing and distribution of films
    • A certified copy of the original national identity card(s) of the head(s) of the company
    • An extract from the Criminal Record and 2 identity photos of the head(s) of the company
    • One thousand, two hundred and fifty dirhams (MAD 1 250.00), net of taxes, in favour of the Moroccan Film Centre

  • Authorisation to operate cinemas

    Setting up a cinema

    Documents to be provided:

    • A copy of the construction permit issued by the local authorities
    • The authorised layout of the cinema
    • The town-planning compliance certificate
    • The company’s articles of association mentioning the operation of the cinema
    • The business register mentioning, in particular, the name and address of the cinema
    • Two thousand, five hundred dirhams (authorisation costs)
    • For the operator, an extract from the Criminal Record and 2 identity photos
    • A copy of the construction permit validated by Civil Defence

    The authorisation to operate is granted after the state of the cinema has been ascertained by a committee of enforcement officers of the MFC, after completion of construction work and fitting out.