Support for film

The Policy of the Centre Cinématographique Marocain in relation to support for film dates from 1980, when a Support Fund for Promoting Film Production and Exploitation was set up.

Since then, that commitment has never ceased to develop in terms of regulation as well as financial resources and beneficiary sectors.

In 1987, the Support Fund for Film Production, which was automatic in 1980, became the Assistance Fund for Film Production and Exploitation .

The latter enjoys greater resources, but it is selective with respect to film projects.

In both cases, beneficiaries are not required to repay the funds allocated.

In 2003, the system underwent further development, and became an advance on receipts with a more significant level of funds allocated.

In 2009, those funds increased again, and national production received an annual amount of 60 million dirhams.

A decree passed in August 2012 set the conditions and procedures for providing assistance with film production, digitising, and modernising cinemas, and organising film festivals.

Since that date and on an annual basis, 60 million dirhams are allocated to production, 7 million dirhams to digitising cinemas, and 27.5 million to organising film festivals and events.

In January 2015, an additional amount of 15 million dirhams was allocated to producing documentary films on Sahrawi Hassani culture.

In that way, the State, acting through the Centre Cinématographique Marocain, supports national film with almost 110 million dirhams (about 10 million euros) per year.

Thanks to that support, 90% of cinemas have been digitised, 20 feature films are produced, and 52 film festivals and other events receive help each year.

Decree setting the conditions and procedures for providing assistance with film production, with digitising, renovating, and establishing cinemas, and with organising film festivals.