Festival of Mediterranean Short Film of Tangier
    Edito 2014

When we talk about short film, some might think that it’s a kind of preparatory course of cinema. It’s true that many filmmakers in the world, including the largest, began their career by one or more shorts. We can mention for example "Guernica" by Kusturica, "Boy and bicycle" by Scott, "The big and lean" by Polanski, "The Mischief Makers" by Truffaut, "My best friend's birthday" by Tarantino or "The Big Shave" by Scorsese. When we see these works, and others, we have sometimes the desire to say that the feature film is a hypertrophied short. Today we can remark that short film is not "the little boy" poor movie. We only have to observe the many programs dedicated to the short film on the biggest TV channels in the world, and all these festivals dedicated to it. The Tangier Mediterranean Short Film Festival is one of those, but not only. It can’t stop there, because of its Mediterranean dimension, this festival is a huge link between talent so diverse and assembling. If the lovers of short films congregate each year here in Tangier, this mythical city where everything include cinema, it's for they can see bigger one day. Enjoy the festival.

Sarim Fassi Fihri - Director of CCM